What Are The Ingredients Of Successful Hybrid IT?

hyrbid IT

Hybrid IT is one of the fastest growing trends in digital transformation, with nearly 80 percent of businesses planning to combine private and public clouds, according to IDC.

And, as with all technology transformations, there is no universal recipe for success. But there are a number of key ingredients which are almost always a good idea to include — or at least consider — as you craft your hybrid strategy.
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Justifying vCloud Suite: What You Need To Know [VMware]

Justifying vCloud Suite

If you run a data center, then you have likely heard of or used VMware’s data center virtualization products like ESX Server or vSphere. At VMworld 2012, VMware changed their flagship vSphere product with new features and the announcement of the vCloud Suite

Available since September 2012, the vCloud Suite isn’t a totally new product, nor does it replace vSphere. But it does support VMware’s vision for a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). How? In this post we dig into the components of vCloud suite and how it works to bring the SDDC vision to life.

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