Cloud Cost Optimization with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Cost Optimization with Microsoft Azure

Cost optimization in the cloud is a universal issue, whether using Microsoft or another provider. According to research by Softchoice, 57% of IT leaders have exceeded their cloud budget at one point or another. Twenty percent have exceeded it by more than 20%. Any organization investing in the cloud, to any extent, can experience cost overruns. [Read more…]

Cloud Governance Best Practices for Burst and Elastic Spend

Ideal cloud governance can help you optimize your budget

Moving to public cloud often results in sticker shock, despite the conventional wisdom that cloud computing is a money-saver. However, a higher-than-expected AWS or Azure bill usually isn’t a sign that cloud migration was a mistake – only that it would benefit from cloud governance best practices that help control and optimize spend. [Read more…]

CapEx vs OpEx: What is the Most Effective Cloud Cost Management Strategy?

Cloud cost management strategy - you need a plan before jumping into a cloud migration

Jumping into a cloud migration without the right planning is like signing a contract without reading the fine print. What initially seemed straightforward can quickly become much more complicated and expensive than expected. [Read more…]