Why Ultrabooks Are The Next Big Thing In Business [Intel]

Intel first introduced the Ultrabook concept with the goal of working with major PC Vendors to create ultra-slim, ultra-powerful machines that could offer the convenience and portability of a tablet, yet still retain most of the functionalities of a traditional notebook. While the first generation of Ultrabooks were generally seen as better suited to personal use, some of the latest offerings from Intel’s partners are absolute powerhouses, with technical capabilities that rival many desktops.

This new generation of Ultrabooks provides ideal solutions for businesses that want to give employees the flexibility of a highly portable machine while still ensuring that they have the computing power needed to be effective in a business environment.

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Four Windows 8 Tablets You Can’t Ignore

Four Windows 8 Tablets You Can't Ignore

After much anticipation, Windows 8  is finally here — and the market is buzzing about what this means for the tablet space, which has been dominated by only a couple of products.

The latest OS offers a very different interface from what customers are used to, including extensive touch-screen capabilities. Some of the industry’s biggest manufacturers are coming out with new and improved business-minded tablets that take advantage of this new interface, while providing familiarity with Windows desktop applications.

Tablets from HP, Lenovo and Dell are optimized for the touch-screen options that come pre-loaded with Windows 8, while offering increased battery life, more expansion ports and higher levels of security — all essential for today’s business user.

Most new tablets are expected to roll out in the next couple of months, and Softchoice will have a range of offerings through our vendor partners. We’re hosting a number of customer events over the next few months where our experts will be highlighting the benefits of migrating to Windows 8, and the steps you need to prepare.

Here’s four Windows 8 tablets worthy of your attention:

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Put Some ISE On Those BYOD Security Pains [Cisco]

Put Some ISE On Those BYOD Security Pains

There’s no denying it: employee-owned mobile devices, with frequent off-site network access, are the new normal for the next generation of workers.

Although adoption of BYOD programs is steadily climbing, security concerns for IT leaders continue to deepen. A 2012 Forrester survey of senior IT executives confirms security is their Number 1 concern regarding BYOD. And a 2012 Economist Intelligence Unit study cited corporate security as the biggest obstacle to implementing BYOD.

Making matters worse, yesterday’s mobile-access security solutions created in the past, no longer apply to today’s ubiquitous mobile-worker environments. There is simply too much complexity for legacy mobile device management (MDM) technology to deliver the functionality needed to protect corporate data and deliver the right user experience.

What companies need now is a security solution built with the challenges of today’s BYOD implementations in mind. This is where solutions such as Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE) come into play.

Continue reading to get details on how Cisco is addressing this space, and find out more about a Mobility Webinar I’ll be hosting in December.

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