Cisco and Citrix Launch Rebranded NetScaler 1000v

Cisco and Citrix Launch Rebranded NetScaler 1000v title

Last month, Cisco, in partnership with Citrix, announced the expansion of their virtual networking portfolio with a custom version of Citrix’s NetScaler virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC).

As the BYOD trend continues to test IT infrastructures, virtual networking and programmable overlay networks have met the challenges of:

  • Limited scalability of network services bound to physical hardware
  • Ensuring virtual network security
  • Workload affecting application performance
  • Controlling data flowing through third-party cloud applications

However, according to Cisco: “As virtual networking and programmable overlay networks evolve to meet these challenges, an equal evolution needs to take place in Layer 4-7 application networking services and security to support widespread virtualization, application mobility, cloud architectures and network orchestration.”

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BYOD Security: 5 Ways Meraki Manages Networking in The Cloud [Cisco]

BYOD Security: 5 Ways Meraki Manages Networking in The Cloud [Cisco]Besides being cost-efficient and quick to deploy, cloud-based services are flexible and scalable to fit your needs and your budget as they evolve over time. And cloud-based service providers usually take care of major issues (and costs) related to security, backup, storage and computing capacity – so you don’t have to.

What cloud-based networking brings to BYOD

Today’s cloud-based networking solutions also have an incredible array of BYOD management  and security  features baked right into them. It makes sense when you look at the risks involved with something as common as a guest WiFi network, for example. Many companies provide guest WiFi networks so customers or partners can use the Internet while visiting their offices. But what if a guest’s smartphone is infected with mobile malware that’s programmed to automatically infect any network (like yours) that it comes into contact with? It could make for an unpleasant visit – especially if your firewalls aren’t up to date and your guest WiFi network isn’t completely isolated from your internal corporate network!

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Security for Your BYOD Environment in 3 Simple Steps [Cisco]

BYOD is happening (like it or not): 3 basic steps you need to take

This post is for IT folks who would like to understand the minimum steps required to secure their network in an age where so many devices are attempting to connect to your network. An earlier post looked at developing policies for a formal BYOD program – this post is more about securing your environment (with or without a formal BYOD program). It covers employee’s personally owned devices that they bring to work with them, as well as visitors who are looking for a connection to the internet through your network.

It is possible to manage risk in your current BYOD situation today. Here are some tips and technology tools that take care of your existing BYOD needs now, even if your important BYOD policy plans aren’t quite polished yet. [Read more…]