Webinar Summary: Embrace Digital Transformation with Workspace ONE

The modern workforce is a beautiful thing. Your company’s talent can execute from anywhere in the world, potentially with whatever devices they choose. This can accelerate productivity but can cause IT challenges, especially when it comes to application and device management.

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Why Now is the Time to Move to Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration

Unless you’re a company of one, communication is the backbone of your organization’s productivity. But that backbone may soon break under the weight of obsolesce, making now the ideal time to look into how the cloud can shore it up today and brace it for the future.

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Security for Tablets: The Case for Samsung KNOX

samsung_knox_tablet security

The Great Device Proliferation

Enterprises want to empower staff to decide how best to get their jobs done. This often means working hours, venues, and devices of their own choosing. Among workers, 61% report working away from the office at least part of the time. [Read more…]