All the data for all the people (Microsoft Power BI webinar summary)

Microsoft Power BI webinar summary

From automated recommendations of what books to read, what credit card to get and what new musicians you will like, intelligent analytics are already embedded into our everyday lives.

It’s usually big digital business, with big budgets that deliver these intelligent interactions. But times have changed, and the business intelligence (BI) market has undergone a major democratization with the cloud. New tools and technologies are now open to companies of all sizes, across all industries. And with that comes the ability generate more revenues, make better decisions, and amaze your customers.

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Top 3 worst data quality process errors and how to fix them [IBM]

Data Quality

In our previous post Bust your top 3 worst data quality habits we discussed the dirtiest data quality habits and how to bust them. All of those errors lead to the need for a clean process to be put in place. But even those are often flawed! Ack! How do you get this right? Gartner analyst Lyn Robinson puts it nicely “A business that can’t produce useful information is like an airplane that can’t fly. How useful is that?”

In this blog post, we summarize our IBM and TechTarget article “Data Quality Process Needs All Hands on Deck” to pick out and fix the top 3 worst data quality process errors. You can break the habits, but can you maintain the process?

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Insights in a cloud-driven world [ SAP ]

Business insights are just a few clicks away with the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer application for iPad and iPhone. Through simple keyword search, navigation and visualization, the app allows you to ask and answer business questions regardless of where you are. Whether you are visiting a customer at a café or in the boardroom, the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer app puts business information at your fingertips.

SAP iPad appInformation the way you like it.

The SAP BusinessObjects Explorer application for the iPad and iPhone provides:

  • Simple and fast access to your business information.
  • A visual display of data so you can get insight at a glance.
  • The ability to share results instantly with others right from your device.

Where will mobile go next?

According to IDC, by 2013 over 1 billion workers worldwide will use mobile technology, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce. That’s why SAP and Sybase, an SAP company, are delivering the most complete mobile solution to the market.

With Afaria, a powerful and flexible mobile device management and security solution, enterprises can provide a single administrative console from which to centrally manage and secure mobile data, applications, and devices.

And with Sybase Unwired Platform, a mobile enterprise application platform, enterprise developers can quickly build applications that connect business data to mobile workers on any device at any time.

You can download the SAP BusinessObjects Explorer app from the iTunes store.