Everything you need to know about Cisco’s new UCS Mini

Cisco launched the UCS Mini for SMB'sMedia outlets are saying Cisco’s just-announced UCS Mini is the ‘blade runner’ of hyper-convergence, that Cisco just upped its UCS server game and that it’s the first truly disaggregated server in the world. So what is UCS Mini and why should you care?

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UCS Express: Converging computing, virtualization and network platform for the branch office [Cisco]

Data center consolidation and server virtualization have gone a long way in reducing costs and complexity in organizations’ IT systems, not to mention displacing a lot of traditional branch-office infrastructure. But these dual and interrelated trends haven’t completely led to full application centralization, in large part because of inherent speed and reliability limitations of the WAN that affect the quality of user experience, as well as concerns over privacy and access with data being stored outside the branch office.

 In short, a variety of performance, availability and compliance concerns have meant that some applications – including core Windows services, mission-critical business applications and client management services – can’t leave the branch office.

 But while branch office infrastructure isn’t going away, that doesn’t mean it can’t evolve or that new solutions aren’t being introduced to reduce complexity and costs and address a whole host of IT challenges in the brand office.

 What kinds of branch-office-specific challenges?

  1. The high costs associated with unused or inefficiently used physical servers, for starters, as well as performance, application availability and increased complexity. This is still a problem at the branch office, just like in the data center. Converting a branch office’s physical servers to virtual ones and running them on a virtualized platform – with each application assigned to a dedicated virtual server and all virtual servers hosted on one or two physical servers – can still substantially minimize costs. [Read more…]