Don’t get locked out! Avoiding the risk of ransomware

 Don't get locked out! Avoiding the risk of ransomware

Ransomware: most insidious malware threats

Ransomware: it might sound like the title of the next summer blockbuster, but this clever little portmanteau has become one of the most insidious malware threats. As you are probably already aware, this nasty malware strain takes advantage of lax security controls and does devastating damage. Nothing really new there, malware by its nature exploits vulnerabilities and is malicious and damaging. But what’s especially troubling with ransomware is that the ‘bad guys’ literally hold your business’s most important asset—your corporate data—hostage.

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Five Veeam Availability V9 Features no one knows about

Five Veeam Availability V9 Features no one knows about

The Veeam Availability Suite has achieved great popularity over the last three years. Users are delighted with its marquee capabilities such as high-speed backup and recovery, replication, verified data protection, and proactive monitoring and alerting of issues before operational impact occurs.

That said, did you know there are several features that are just as valuable, yet almost no one knows anything about them? Click to reveal!

The five hidden features of Veeam Availability:
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vSphere Data Protection (VDP) 101 [VMware]

vSphere Data Protection

The new VMware vSphere Data Protection solution, or VDP, is a VMware vSphere backup and recovery application. VDP is new vSphere 5.1 and is completely free with all editions of vSphere 5.1, starting with vSphere Essentials Plus. VDP replaces VMware’s previous backup and recovery solution – VMware Data Recovery (or VDR). Thankfully, VDP has so much more to offer us than VDR ever did.

Why Do You Need A Virtualization Backup Solution?
Before we discuss VDP in detail, let’s take a step back and ask: Why do you need a virtualization backup solution in the first place?

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