Dell EMC with Azure Stack delivers first public cloud-like experience on-premises

Dell-EMC and Azure Stack delivers first public cloud-like experience on-premises

Microsoft’s Azure Stack extends public cloud capabilities to on-premises data centers with first-to-market Dell EMC Cloud Appliance.

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Cloud automation: Closing the Innovation Gap

Cloud as a model

Businesses often turn to the cloud as a new destination to run their workloads. But getting the most out of the cloud requires more than a simple lift-and-shift of your applications.

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3 Steps to Predict Cloud Migration Costs

Predicting Cloud Costs

There’s a simple reason why one in three businesses say their cloud migration was more expensive and complicated than expected. They planned it wrong!

But just because the explanation is simple, doesn’t mean the solution will be. Migration to cloud services like Azure is a complex affair, involving multiple new business paradigms, processes, and variables. All of which is incredibly daunting, and difficult, for a business to straddle – particularly those with little to no cloud experience.

What I’ve discovered working with Softchoice clients is with the right approach, you can develop a much more accurate understanding of what your cloud project will cost you. Avoiding nasty surprises and ending up getting the most bang for your buck.

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