Considerations for Deploying SQL Services in Azure

The options available for where and how to deploy SQL Server in Azure are often confusing for organizations who are new to the cloud platform. Selecting the wrong option for your data can cause implementation delays, performance issues, and failed deployment projects. [Read more…]

Data Protection Considerations in Azure

There are many reasons why companies choose to leverage public cloud resources. One of the most common is that the cloud provider shares the responsibility for the infrastructure with the customer. This means that the consumer of cloud resources can spend more time and effort focusing on the application itself rather than on the underlying hardware. In the case of Infrastructure as a Service, the cloud provider typically owns resources from the virtual infrastructure down to the physical datacenters and everything in between, such as physical networking, physical storage and the hypervisor that your resources are running on. Learn here the key considerations on data protection in Azure. [Read more…]

Webinar Summary: How to Build A Sustainable Azure Environment

Many companies want to adopt the public cloud, but fewer are able to do so in a reasonable way. Moving some or all your workloads into the cloud isn’t as simple as ordering services from Microsoft. The cloud requires different practices in a few areas: security, budget, governance and more. Making mistakes can be debilitating and even fatal to growing businesses. [Read more…]