Considerations for Deploying SQL Services in Azure

The options available for where and how to deploy SQL Server in Azure are often confusing for organizations who are new to the cloud platform. Selecting the wrong option for your data can cause implementation delays, performance issues, and failed deployment projects. [Read more…]

The Path to Cloud Security is Through Automation

Cloud Security Automation

So you’ve established your business in the cloud, but is it secure?

The public cloud provides your organization with a tremendous breadth and depth of capabilities to optimize and modernize your security practices. But if you don’t know what is available, or how to configure them, it will be challenging to reap the benefits. [Read more…]

The Battle for Cloud Adoption begins with your stakeholders

The Battle for Cloud Adoption begins with your stakeholders

3 ways to break through internal barriers to cloud adoption

The biggest obstacles to cloud adoption often have nothing to do with technology. In my experience, many cloud efforts fail due to misalignment with internal stakeholders.

Various departments reap the security, efficiency and flexibility benefits of the cloud. Yet, sometimes those very same groups are reluctant adopters. [Read more…]