Public cloud outages – 20:20 hindsight

AWS outage - 20-20 hindsight

Rocky start for public cloud providers

Our favorite public cloud providers have had a rocky start to the year. First, on February 28th Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud infrastructure provider for the likes of Netflix, Comcast, Adobe, Dow Jones, GE, and even NASA, suffered at the hands of “Murphy’s Law”. While debugging an issue within the S3 billing system, an incorrectly entered command removed a larger than expected amount of server capacity. This unexpected loss of available capacity forced the remaining servers supporting the subsystem to restart, creating a degradation of service that caused a ripple effect across other services supported by S3.

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Top 3 reasons why you should automate your AWS environment

AWS automating DevOps Softchoice

In this article, I’ll tell you about the three majors benefits to automating your AWS infrastructure.

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