Insights from Cisco Partner Connection Week 2018

Cisco Partner Connection Week 2018

In April, Cisco’s Partner Connection Week 2018 (PCW) was held in sunny Nassau, Bahamas. The fantastic Bahamian weather was appropriate to the occasion, given that this year’s PCW was full of good news and inspiring ideas. It was a valuable peek into Cisco’s present and future. [Read more…]

Why you should automate Active Directory [ NetApp ]

More than ever, organizations rely on Active Directory to facilitate the flow and control of information. But keeping Active Directory secure is another question all together and has become a constant – if not essential – challenge businesses must face.

Automating Active Directory administration can help address the challenges and exposures associated with native management, security, and administration of Active Directory, such as:

  • Lack of proper change controls – including the lack of separate development, test, and production environments, as well as an inability to easily rollback changes made in production
  • Weak default security settings – over Active Directory and its infrastructure
  • Difficulty in granting granular permissions – to users based on specific business needs
  • Insufficient reporting on Active Directory – to manage security and demonstrate compliance
  • Poor auditing capabilities – including an inability to detect and alert on unauthorized or sensitive changes in real time

Today’s organizations are looking for a solution that provides automation of time-consuming Active Directory administration tasks and user self-service, while still enforcing policy compliance and security controls.

Solving the Problem: [Read more…]