Dell World 2014: The 4 most notable data center announcements

Dell World 2014: The 4 most notable announcements

From Nov 5th – 7th 2014 I attended Dell World 2014 held in Austin, TX. Outside of the fact Michael Dell is well known for loving 80s music (2013 was Billy Idol, this year Duran Duran headlined a night that open with Weezer), Dell also made number of revolutionary Enterprise announcements at the event and I’d like to take you through 4 of the most notable:

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Not All IOPS Solutions Are Created Equal


While there’s little argument that flash technology is one of the most disruptive technologies to come into the storage world in the last decade, it’s unfortunately not a panacea for everything wrong with clients’ storage infrastructures. That said, there are four appropriate instances where flash storage makes sense.

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