Want an iPad? Need security? You can have it all with the new iOS. [Apple]

For many decades in the world of personal computing, there’s been  that slice of the user population that has constantly had to defend it’s weapon of choice. Such is the plight of the Mac and the Mac User. Fear, uncertainty, doubt – all familiar foes in the discussion of PC vs. Mac, all laid to rest the moment anyone takes the time to understand the Apple computer and the Mac OS. 

Despite it’s enormous success as one of the most sought-after technology on the planet, the iPad is also faced with the demons of misinformation, particularly in the Enterprise. The number one myth surrounding the use of the iPad and other iOS devices in business is the perceived “lack of security”. [Read more…]

Playbook vs. iPad in the Enterprise [RIM, Apple]

 The debate rages on as to which is the better tablet.  There are a lot of things to consider, but when it comes to the best device for business there are three key considerations:

Security:  RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server, the backbone of their mobility platform makes the Playbook secure and easy to manage , especially for organizations standardized on a Blackberry. But that doesn’t mean the iPad isn’t secure. The iPad’s hardy operating system has a built in barrier against malware and can be easily be remotely wiped using a mobile device management tool from McAfee or Symantec. [Read more…]

Macs and malware: An ounce of prevention. [ESET, Apple]

Macs and malware An ounce of prevention

Okay, you don’t like seatbelts. Too confining, you say. You drive carefully, right? Or, you only use your car for short trips around the block. Of course, that all may sound pretty persuasive until you have an accident – and your arguments, among other things, fly out the window.

Which brings me to the ongoing debate about Mac security superiority and whether it’s worth protecting Mac computers with anti-virus software. While most Mac users believe they’re invincible as far as viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and other malware go – and for the most part they have been till now – there’s no guarantee that’ll continue to be the case as Macs gain in popularity and hackers are more financially motivated to infect them.

Software consultant and blogger Graham Cluley writes: [Read more…]