How to manage Apple in a Microsoft World

New devices and OS adoption in the enterprise is booming. In one example, one of the largest premium Exchange hosting providers discovered that 57% of ActiveSync activations were to iPhones and 21% were to iPads. Apple’s Mac Business sales grew 51% at the end of 2011. You are likely looking to accommodate these devices in your organization if you aren’t already. What you may not know is how well all of these devices can work with your Microsoft network and applications.

Did you know that over the last few releases Apple has added the following features: DFS Support, Profile Server, Captive Network Detection, Cisco VPN… to name a few? Did you know that you can use Microsoft System Center 2012 platform Configuration Manager to manage your mobile devices? [Read more…]

Do you believe in magic? You do if you have a Mac or an iPad. [Apple]


Two years ago this month Apple introduced what Steve Jobs called a “magical” device. But if you let go if it in mid-air, will it magically float? (Don’t try this without one of these cases)

I’m more of a Penn & Teller fan myself, I’m interested in what REALLY happens behind the scenes of  “magic” show. After all, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. So let’s look at the hidden wires and plexi-glass holding the iPad up in mid-air.

Wifi and Networking – of course there are no actual wires attached to an iPad (unless to charge or sync) as it’s designed to be the ultimate mobile and portable device. Wifi Networks are crucial in enabling the magic experience, and secure ones at that. Sure, you may have Wifi in your workplace, but in the past you just needed Wifi in the boardrooms and the odd exec office to support laptops. Now people want to use their iPads everywhere – do you have wall to wall coverage? Can the network itself handle all these new always-connected devices? Is your network secure inside and outside the company walls? Do you have a robust VPN in place that’s supported by iOS out of the box (Cisco or Juniper)? Perhaps it’s time for a Softchoice Network Assessment to ensure that your network is ready[Read more…]

How Steve Jobs touched all of our lives

I first found out the news about Steve Jobs passing when I awoke my iPad at around 8pm on Wednesday. I had heard the tell-tale sound of a push notification earlier during dinner, but as the screen lit up, there it was. The message from the CNN app that Steve Jobs, the greatest technology innovator of our times, was no longer with us.

My first instinct was to dial into social networks like Twitter to take in the reaction from friends, online acquaintances and business associates. Streams of condolences, many from people that would not be able to name the CEO of Apple 10 years ago, let alone mourn his death, flooded the internet. All from computers and devices that would be vastly different if not for Steve Jobs. Heck, would a platform like Twitter even exist? Who knows…

My journey with Apple started over 10 years ago, fresh out of art school my obsession was with music and sound, using technology as a medium and art form onto itself. Years before I had resisted even using a computer to make music, but that changed and I was primed for my first job at a shop that specialized in digital recording sales, mainly on the Mac platform. I went in as a PC guy, having used Macs only briefly in college, but within a few months I was hooked on Macs. Not long after bringing my first Powerbook G4 home (still works today) my wife was hooked as well and bought her own – and she was more heavily entrenched in the Windows world than I was. [Read more…]