5 Facts About the Cleanliness of Your Fiber Cables

Maintaining clean fiber connections is a vital part of any network installation, but proper cleaning is often overlooked. Check out the 5 facts below, and then make sure you think twice before making a connection without ensuring that your connector’s end faces are clean: [Read more…]

What Is the Difference Between Continuous and Discontinuous Shielding?

What is the difference between Continuous and Discontinuous Shielding?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a continuous and discontinuous cable? You are not alone! It’s the question on EVERYONE’s mind…Rob, C2G’s technical marketing specialist, easily answered this question! Here is what he had to say. [Read more…]

4K and 8K: What’s the Difference?


A lot of new products and solutions highlight “4K” and “8K” as a key selling point, but what exactly does that mean—and how does it relate to an end user? [Read more…]