Everything you need to know about Adobe VIP licensing

As businesses embrace cloud subscriptions, you may be considering or already using Adobe’s Value Incentive Plan (VIP). But how do you know if Adobe’s subscription program is the right fit? Or, if you already have VIP, how do you get the most value from it?

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What is Adobe VIP?

Adobe VIP is a software subscription plan. It gives you flexible, on-demand access to Creative Cloud for teams, Creative Cloud for enterprise and Adobe DC (also known as Document Cloud). With it, you can buy new licenses as needed, as opposed to paying on an annual, consolidated basis. Depending on how many licenses you purchase, VIP also gives you discounts. The cloud subscription is available in one-, two- and three-year terms.

What are the benefits of Adobe VIP?

Adobe VIP offers benefits to businesses of all sizes, across departments, including end users, IT and procurement teams:

  • Modern workplace productivity: VIP is the only way to access all of Adobe’s latest and greatest solutions. Adobe has made it clear that the future is in the cloud for its iconic Creative Suite and Acrobat products. A subscription is the only way to give employees up-to-date versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premier Pro. VIP also provides you with the advanced document management and security features of Acrobat DC. With mobile apps and cloud features, these VIP products drive a more productive and efficient workplace.
  • IT simplicity: VIP makes the software asset management lifecycle simpler and more efficient. Delivered and updated from the cloud, it offers faster, smoother deployment capabilities. It also has centralized control and simple management tools, through a user-friendly online portal. VIP gives IT more visibility, control and flexibility. It makes it easier to support users and reduce time-consuming, manual processes.
  • Procurement efficiency: Adobe VIP also helps procurement teams. It gives flexible terms, easier purchasing and predictable budgeting. Having access to evergreen products also meets security and compliance needs, automatically.

Does Adobe VIP offer discounts or cost-savings? 

VIP members get discounts when they qualify for VIP Select, by purchasing 10 licenses or more during a subscription term. More discount tiers can be unlocked by purchasing 50 licenses, 100 licenses or more. (See fig. 1). Note: Adobe does not make public the details of these discounts. Talk to a Softchoice licensing expert for information.

VIP discount levels

VIP discount levels

Figure 1. Source

How does Adobe VIP compare to ETLA?

Adobe’s VIP program is similar to its other subscription model, the Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). But there are a few key differences. VIP offers “transactional purchasing,” letting you buy new licenses as needed. With ETLA, your costs are “consolidated,” and you must true-up during a fixed annual ordering date.  ETLA terms are also always three-years long. VIP allows for shorter one- or two-year commitments, as well as three. Also, ETLA does not provide access to the “teams” version of Creative Cloud, only the enterprise flavour. If you do not need all the enterprise features (such as single sign-on), VIP is the way to go.

As a rule of thumb, VIP is preferable for dynamic organizations with less fixed needs. But it is always best to speak to a licensing expert, such as Softchoice, to understand which program is best suited for your organization.

Is Adobe VIP the right program for you?  

Every licensing decision hinges on your ability to understand your current state, and to use those insights to plan ahead.

Before buying VIP, you should assess your existing Adobe environment, consumption and costs.

  • What software versions are you running?
  • How much are you spending?
  • What security and compliance issues are you exposed to?
  • How much time is procurement spending on licensing management?
  • What features are end-users asking for?

Next, you need to build the business case for moving to subscription. For many organizations, this might come down to simply having access to Adobe’s next generation of products. For example, industries with heavy demand for secure document management will see the most value in Acrobat DC.  Other businesses with high creative needs will ultimately need to move onto the Creative Cloud, as older versions go obsolete.

How to get the most out of your Adobe VIP subscription

When you work with Softchoice, we help you simplify license management. This starts with providing a singular and consistent view across all public cloud and on-premise licensing. Through proactive technology reviews, you will stay ahead of the innovation curve. You will understand how changes to programs and technology affect your licensing and find the most effective way forward. We help you take advantage of new, flexible options and build a plan to support your digital transformation journey. With our expertise, you reduce licensing costs and audit risks, while increasing value.

Want to find out the best Adobe licensing model for you? Talk to our experts today and receive a $15 gift card for your time.

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