Taming Targeted Attacks With Vendor Consolidation


Targeted attacks use tools like malware and social engineering, to gain access to your network and steal or alter sensitive data. It begins when an attacker sends a malware link or file that, once downloaded or clicked, silently exploits vulnerabilities in popular software like Adobe or Windows. From there, the attacker gains access to your network and can take over control of a group of computers for an extended period of time. To thwart these attacks, your defense must include a layered approach to network security. If you use security tools from many different vendors, managing all of these tools will feel like cumbersome work. Not sure how many security vendors you use? Take our quiz below to find out!

Thwart attacks with Symantec’s suite of security tools

In order to prevent data loss from targeted attacks, you need tools for monitoring, remdiation, event logging and threat intelligence. But if you purchased these tools from many different vendors, you create unecessary complexity with managing different dashboards and gathering and correlating data from different sources. At Softchoice, we recommend consolidating around one vendor for a smoother experience and to avoid any potential security holes. Symantec offers a suite of layered security solutions that will remove the hassle of ensuring cross-platform communication among different security products. This way, you have a streamlined, unified front to defend your network against modern threats. Learn more about your own security environment with our survey below.

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To help you learn more about your security enviornment right now, we put together this tool that will tell you how many security tools you really use, and offer some reccommendations from our experts based on your results.