4K and 8K: What’s the Difference?


A lot of new products and solutions highlight “4K” and “8K” as a key selling point, but what exactly does that mean—and how does it relate to an end user? [Read more…]

Thunderbolt 3 Basics

Thunderbolt 3 Basics

The year was 1981. REO Speedwagon was at the top of the Billboard 100 list. Raiders of the Lost Ark was invading local theaters. And the portable computer debuted at a whopping 25-pound, $1,800 investment. Since then, computer manufacturers have attempted to make PCs more compact and efficient.

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Challenges of Identity and Mobility for Office 365

Okta and Slalom Consulting have extensive experience with a wide range of Microsoft technologies and services. Rick and Daniel have been advising clients on Microsoft strategy for years and Simon works closely with Okta’s Microsoft account teams to make sure Okta’s technology works effectively for Office 365 customers. At the start of the year, Ed Sawma (who also works on Okta’s product team) blogged about the skyrocketing demand from customers using Okta for Office 365 and recently published another post highlighting some of the identity and mobility challenges of moving to Office 365. It became clear to us that customers would be interested in further discussion into this topic, including examining the pros and cons of using the out of the box tools from Microsoft, which is what we’d like to do today. [Read more…]