Strict laws are making email encryption a must-have [IBM]

LockYou only have to turn on the TV or read your favorite online news site to see how easily private or sensitive information can be captured, disseminated or used for purposes other than what was intended. While the WikiLeaks controversy may just be the latest dramatic case, it does remind us that email and other communications we treat as private are anything but and, in the wrong hands, that information can be used to commit identity theft or to do irreparable harm to businesses and institutions.

The reality is regular email communication on the internet is open for anyone who wants to go through the trouble of listening. Even if you’re securing data locally, your organization is vulnerable to a breach. After all, it only takes one user to forward emails with sensitive data to a business partner or innocently send them to his personal email account so he can work with the information at home.

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Virtualizing mixed storage environments [IBM]

The furious pace of data growth – according to Gartner, 650% over the next five years – has led IT decision makers to react by quickly expanding their storage hardware, creating a variety of heterogeneous environments. Unfortunately those environments often work disparately, reducing productivity, disrupting migrations and leading to a whole host of other challenges.

For instance, if you have an IBM DS4700 SAN at 90% utilized and an HP EVA4400 at 30%, you can’t share resources between the two.

This sort of dilemma has led IT pros to the conclusion that it isn’t simply about more storage but rather smarter and more efficient use of storage – which is where virtualization comes in.

While storage virtualization enables large-scale consolidating of heterogeneous storage environments few midrange offerings out there can actually virtualize mixed storage environments easily and effectively – that was, until IBM® Storwize® V7000. [Read more…]

Your data blob has met its match [IBM]

In the 1958 B-movie classic “The Blob” a meteor crashes in the small community of Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, releasing a small jelly-like blob into the environment. The alien creature quickly begins oozing across the countryside, engulfing townspeople, growing uncontrollably in size until it threatens to destroy the whole town and beyond.

If you’re a storage administrator, trying to get a handle on the rapid growth of data in your organization, this scenario might sound eerily familiar. In fact, according to recent studies, total global data per person ballooned more than 400 times from 2003 from 2010, from 0.8 GB/person to 128 GB/person – and the data blob shows no sign of relenting anytime soon.

So while buying and deploying more storage is a natural reaction to keeping up with the exponential growth in data, it’s really just a short-term solution. What organizations need isn’t simply more storage hardware, but a smarter storage infrastructure – one that reduces total costs, improves service levels, mitigates risks and of course gets a handle on the volume, velocity and variety of data.

IBM offers a full holistic suite of SRM tools – Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC) – that can help improve time to value, as well as reduce the complexity of managing a sprawling mix of storage environments by centralizing, simplifying and optimizing tasks associated with storage systems.

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