What Dell’s Rugged Devices Can Do

During a frustrating workday, some of us might wish that our laptop was engulfed in flames, or dropped on a concrete floor. But for people who work in harsh environments like firefighters or police, that’s just a normal part of being on the job. Their devices endure extreme thermal shocks, precipitation, and other hazards. They need devices designed for extreme conditions, like Dell’s Rugged line of laptops and tablets. [Read more…]

How to choose the best mobile device for your workforce

How to choose the best mobile device for business

With so many great devices on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best to supply to your workforce. Given the productivity and efficiency gains possible from equipping employees with the right device, this isn’t a buying decision to take lightly. To help solve this purchasing dilemma, we posed the most frequent questions we get from clients to one of our in-house experts on emerging technology and Samsung products, Sharal Pinto.

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Elite x3: Could a Phone Replace Your Work PC?

HP Elite X3

How App Virtualization Makes This Possible

Two years ago, Wired Magazine predicted the smartphone could replace the PC as your only computing device. Could this prediction now be coming true, even in a work context? [Read more…]