Windows Server 2008 End of Life: Risks and Opportunities

Moving Windows Server to Microsoft Azure

Inertia is a powerful force, such that Albert Einstein famously said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” [Read more…]

The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About VMware on AWS

Transitioning to the cloud can be an intimidating process.

Though vital to improving capabilities and offerings, businesses often struggle when making the leap due to a lack of internal resources. [Read more…]

Cloud Cost Optimization with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Cost Optimization with Microsoft Azure

Cost optimization in the cloud is a universal issue, whether using Microsoft or another provider. According to research by Softchoice, 57% of IT leaders have exceeded their cloud budget at one point or another. Twenty percent have exceeded it by more than 20%. Any organization investing in the cloud, to any extent, can experience cost overruns. [Read more…]