HPE: Taking the Journey into Hybrid IT with InfoSight

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a business user in want of data wants it now. Not “quickly” or “rapidly” but “instantly.” Likewise, an IT engineer working with such a business user wants a system that can handle that constant, instant demand.

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Barracuda Networks: Making Business Disruption and Data Loss a Thing of the Past

barracudaThis article is the third in a five-part series profiling companies leading the field in disruptive technology

Threats to organization’s data become more sophisticated and insidious with every year, forcing companies to look at security from different angles and more holistically. Many security professionals and companies feel it’s no longer enough to monitor and secure the network perimeter as they have in the past. At the same time, new models for IT delivery have not only changed what needs to be secured, but also how.

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eSentire: Surpassing technology to safeguard assets


This article is the fourth in a five-part series profiling companies leading the field in disruptive technology

A security system is only as strong as the weakest link — and often that’s employees. Time and again, studies have shown that even the smartest people are falling victim to phishing and social engineering attacks. Protecting against threats like this requires significant change – not just in terms of technology, but in leveraging employees as a critical component in your defense.

eSentire has spent 15 years disrupting the IT security sphere by providing simple, highly effective security services to protect client assets. For example, with its eSentire Training Day, the company is strengthening its first line of defense by delivering daily tips and best practices directly to employees in easy to consume three-minute chunks. Meanwhile, eSentire’s  analysts and expert advisers work behind the scenes to protect digital assets on a continuous basis with full-life cycle remediation and embedded incident response.

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