Microsoft’s Monthly Newsletter | December 2019

Microsoft Newsletter

Here are your top 11 must-read announcements from Microsoft this December.

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Microsoft’s Monthly Newsletter | November 2019

Microsoft Navigator November 2019

Here are your top 7 must-read announcements from Microsoft this November:

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Everything you need to know about the VMware ELA

(Editor’s note: updated on October 16, 2019)

From cutting costs to simplifying IT, there are a lot of reasons to consider the VMware ELA (VMWare Enterprise License Agreement). 

However, with a minimum spend requirement of $250,000 (with $150,000 net new licensing spend after discounting, without support or subscription) and highly customized terms, understanding if the VMware ELA is right for you is challenging.

With hundreds of VMware ELA negotiations under our belt, we decided to shed some light on the situation. Below you will find a high-level summary of a recent webinar hosted by our VMware experts.

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