Four Windows 8 Tablets You Can’t Ignore

Four Windows 8 Tablets You Can't Ignore

After much anticipation, Windows 8  is finally here — and the market is buzzing about what this means for the tablet space, which has been dominated by only a couple of products.

The latest OS offers a very different interface from what customers are used to, including extensive touch-screen capabilities. Some of the industry’s biggest manufacturers are coming out with new and improved business-minded tablets that take advantage of this new interface, while providing familiarity with Windows desktop applications.

Tablets from HP, Lenovo and Dell are optimized for the touch-screen options that come pre-loaded with Windows 8, while offering increased battery life, more expansion ports and higher levels of security — all essential for today’s business user.

Most new tablets are expected to roll out in the next couple of months, and Softchoice will have a range of offerings through our vendor partners. We’re hosting a number of customer events over the next few months where our experts will be highlighting the benefits of migrating to Windows 8, and the steps you need to prepare.

Here’s four Windows 8 tablets worthy of your attention:

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In a Mobile Organization,There’s No Room For Mobile Chaos (UPDATED Nov 2012) [RIM]

Blackberry® Mobile Fusion unifies and simplifies mobile device management.

For a little while there it looked like the soup of mobile devices whirling around the average office — personal and corporate smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, netbooks, even gaming devices – might push IT over the edge. After all if the folks in IT can’t effectively ensure the devices employees are using are safe and if they can’t manage those devices on their organization’s network with relative ease, there’s a good chance any semblance of order might quickly turn to chaos.

Luckily a hero has arrived to help save the day – or least help IT bolster its organizations’ mobile device strategy – in a secure and cost-effective way. BlackBerry Mobile Fusion is a new generation of universal mobile device management that enables IT to provision, audit and protect BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets, as well as Apple iOS and Google Android devices all from a single, unified web-based interface. Think of it as the flexible backbone of an organization’s mobility management strategy.

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The Help You Need Selecting Thin Clients [HP]

As IT leaders increasingly look to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to deliver cost savings and productivity, it’s more important than ever to select the best thin-client endpoints to get the job done.

VDI promises huge upsides, from lowering OPEX to simplifying asset management. But, if the endpoints are mismatched with the needs of users, those benefits may never come to fruition. And in some cases, the project may fail at the proof of concept stage.

While there are numerous options for thin-client manufacturers, HP has attractive, cutting-edge offerings for businesses. To help better understand this option, here are a few highlights of how HP delivers an optimal VDI implementation.

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