Why automation is key to delivering security in Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Do you wonder if your AWS cloud workloads are deployed according to security best practices? If so, you’re not alone. We are often hired to review whether a deployment to AWS followed best practices. And while we’re happy to provide our assessment of a completed deployment, we encourage our customers to make sure their deployment is done right from the start. As you likely know, automation, when implemented correctly, is probably our most important tool to ensure consistently secure deployments to AWS.

Here is a simple example of how using automation in the AWS platform helped one of our customers ensure compliance with a strict internal security policy. [Read more…]

Newest AWS Region Enables Data Residency in Canada

Newest AWS Region Enables Data Residency in Canada

Organizations with operations in Canada take note: Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced in 2016 they will launch an AWS Region in Canada. Canadian IT shops will be able to access the powerful AWS platform while ensuring data sovereignty within Canada. [Read more…]