Why Autodesk’s upcoming licensing changes make Subscription a really smart choice

Why Autodesk's upcoming licensing changes make Subscription a really smart choice

Autodesk has announced to Softchoice that a major change is coming which will affect how clients acquire and maintain its software.

As of February 1, 2015, clients will no longer have the option to purchase an “upgrade SKU” for out-of-date software titles. Instead, clients will have two choices: Paying the full price to get the most recent version, or opting for Subscription. Autodesk is making this policy change to better align with the needs and buying preferences of customers choosing to use Subscription as a preferred method of maintaining Autodesk’s software.

In our team’s opinion, even if you aren’t refreshing your Autodesk software every year, choosing Subscription offers you significant savings. For example, if you only refresh once after three years, you’d still save over $650 with Subscription. Here’s how this works.

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What the Public Sector Can Expect From Adobe’s Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Gov

In May 2013, Adobe launched Creative Cloud – a SaaS app subscription based model of Adobe’s Creative Suite products. As many customers begin to transition from the traditional desktop based applications to working online, Adobe recognized that public sector clients have unique requirements. That’s why on July 8th 2013, Adobe announced the new CLP Government term offering called Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Apps (CCDA).

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5 Ways Adobe’s Bold Move with Creative Cloud Impacts Your Organization [UPDATED]


**Updated July2014: Adobe Releases Creative Cloud 2014**

**Updated March 21st, 2014: Important changes to CS6 have been announced**

In December 2012, Adobe introduced Creative Cloud for Teams – its first foray into cloud-based subscription to license its creative suite of products.

This week Adobe announced it’s done with boxed software and is betting big on SaaS – and a future entirely in the cloud. Moving forward, Creative Suite and Creative Cloud for Teams will be known simply as Creative Cloud.

If you’ve invested in any previous version of Creative Suite, you’ll need to understand how Adobe’s Creative Cloud model affects licensing and support moving forward.

While it’s early days and we’re still gathering the facts and reactions (check back here regularly for updates), here are the top 5 points our team has already identified that will impact on your organization.
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