Why Endpoint Security Is More Vital Than Ever.

Why Endpoint Security Is More Vital Than Ever. Enter DLP.

Data loss prevention (DLP) software is more important than ever

The intricacies and importance of data loss prevention (DLP) software are rarely part of overall public discussions. While IT experts and enterprise leaders are all too familiar with the need to have comprehensive and robust endpoint security in their networks, the average person probably doesn’t think twice about the effort that goes into the systems they use and access on a daily basis.

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Is Microsoft Surface Pro 3 the Tablet Your Office Has Been Waiting For?

Surface Pro 3

The benefits of adopting enterprise-focused tablets in your workplace are well-established by this point, and they bear repeating. Tablets are portable, versatile options to the traditional workplace notebook, and their dual-function nature means that employers may forego the usual laptop-and-mobile-device combo and commit to a single all-purpose tablet.

While this is true, IT teams are well aware of the barriers to widespread enterprise adoption of tablets. Historically, the leading tablets on the market have been powered by iOS or Android, while the modern workplace is still overwhelmingly Windows-focused. The time and effort to bridge those two worlds (non-Windows tablets to a Windows workplace) is often prohibitive, and no one knows this challenge better than Andrew Stavrou, Enterprise PC and Mobility Architect at Softchoice.

We talked to Andrew about his personal experiences with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which, in his words, is a product “the enterprise has been wanting for years.”

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