Managed print services can save money — and a whole lot more [HP]

Is your aging printer fleet taking over your life? Like weeds or barnacles, old printers start growing all over your fleet, decreasing productivity and increasing management headaches.

New printers and managed print services could be the right option for your company — and they may be much more cost-effective than you realize.

Most organizations are focused most intensely on the bottom line. And since printers are often considered a commodity, not a lot of thought is always put into printing solutions with the norm being ordering the corporate standard.

Managed print services is a print solution that can save you money, but an MPS program can also solve a lot of management issues you may be having with your aging fleet. MPS turns your printer purchase into a much bigger solution.

So what exactly is MPS? Managed print services means a lot of different things. For some, it means the vendor refills paper and toner, and billing is cost-per-page. [Read more…]

Using a free printer management tool can save you money [HP]

Printer management usually isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you’re thinking about places to save money and improve efficiency, but it is definitely something to ponder.

Unless you’ve only got one or two printers on your network, you need a tool for managing your print environment. Printer management software, like HP’s Web JetAdmin helps enterprises manage remote printers, reduce costs and increase security. All without any exhorbanant software licensing fees!

The cost and spend factor is not insignificant. Most organizations spend at least 2-3% of their annual budget on print, yet most could not actually put a number to that spend. Paper and ink or toner are major contributors to the cost of office supplies in the modern enterprise. A quick check of the wastebaskets next to printers will show you how much of that expense is wasted in unnecessary and incorrect print jobs. That kind of waste adds up quickly. But don’t forget all the IT time. Driver deployment and configurations can be time killers so leveraging a more automated tool or pushing out a universal print driver can be like a time machine. [Read more…]

Using rules-based printer management to make your life easier [HP]

Designed for more complex environments, rules-based printer management provides more control, finer granularity and, potentially, more cost savings than other kinds of singularly focused, data collection printer management software.

In a sense, all printer management software is rules based. That is, it assigns print jobs to printers based on various criteria. However, true rules-based systems such as HP’s Access Control Intelligent Print Management (IPM) Solution take the concept several steps further. They allow administrators to create carefully customized rules specific to a given enterprise’s environment.

The rules that can be created under IPM go far beyond assigning a user’s print job to a particular printer. For example, IPM software can recognize the file extension and set the print specifications accordingly. Thus, spreadsheets can be automatically directed to a wide-format landscape printer, internal documents can be printed in draft mode in duplex, thereby saving ink and paper, while final documents from the same user can be automatically printed out in high quality and single-sided.

These complex rules can be completely transparent to the user. The user merely hits ‘print’ and the job automatically goes to the right printer and is printed using the right criteria (mono or color, high-quality or draft quality printing, duplex or single-sided, paper orientation, etc.) to the right printer. The user doesn’t have to think about it and the result is [Read more…]