Why Enterprises Interested In Digital Collaboration Should Pay Attention to Burning Man

5 Lessons to Learn From Burning ManThe common mantra of Burning Man attendees is that you don’t understand it until you’ve attended. And, an increasing number of tech industry practitioners are “getting it.”

The annual gathering of approximately 70,000 that congregate at a dried up river bed in the Nevada desert has welcomed some of the industry’s most esteemed players. Including the CEOs and founders of Google, Amazon, Reddit, Tesla, Facebook, Uber, Dropbox, WordPress and many more. [Read more…]

5 Stages of Cloud Adoption: Webinar Summary

enterprise cloud adoption and implementing a cloud migration strategy

The public cloud is no longer a blip on your IT radar. Powered by Category 5 winds of change, cloud adoption now covers every corner of the IT horizon.

In 2019 alone, worldwide public cloud revenue is expected to grow 17.3%.

By 2020, 60% of IT infrastructure and 70% of software and IT services spending will be in the cloud. [Read more…]