Evaluating Endpoint Security: 4 Forgotten Factors [Trend Micro]

Catch the news and you get a pretty clear sense that times are tough and people are still hurting out there. Naturally, all of us respond by looking at our budgets, then cut what we feel are needless expenses. That’s all well and good – we can survive with one less vacation, or outfit hanging in our closet. But when we make short-term cost-cutting decisions – like nixing a gym membership – that affects our long-term health and hurts more in the long run.

That’s what’s happening with IT security budgets. In an effort to do more with less, IT and security managers are looking for ways to cut costs. It’s not surprising to find out that organizations, in evaluating new security systems, are focusing on initial acquisition, licensing and maintenance costs. Which means they’re tempted by low-priced options. But just like not going to the gym turns you into a couch potato, compromising on security for mail servers and endpoints is just short-term gain for long-term pain.

The true cost of any enterprise security solution depends on four additional factors beside upfront fixed cost investments, and these should be taken into serious consideration before choosing any new endpoint security solution.

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How A Firewall Makes Your Network More Accessible – And Invulnerable [Cisco]

From business to politics, it’s a given that openness tends to create opportunity, while tighter central control tends to bolster security.

Take your network. You naturally want to promote increased productivity and an exchange of ideas by making it more accessible to your partners, suppliers or customers. But doing so runs the risk of exposing proprietary business information and confidential data, inappropriate use of company resources and productivity loss – not to mention the very real threats of worms, viruses and malware.

For most enterprises in the Internet era, striking the right balance between openness and security can mean the difference between success and failure for a variety of endeavors. When it comes to networks, it really is possible to mitigate the high cost of risk with effective and reliable traffic control – providing stateful traffic inspection to restrict unwarranted traffic while maintaining the integrity of business-critical traffic. In other words, a firewall. Find and implement an integrated and manageable  firewall solution to do this and your company can go a long way to maintaining the kind of secure, reliable network environment essential to today’s interconnected business.

With its rich feature set, simple deployment and relative low cost, Cisco IOS Firewall’s single, software-based platform is an obvious choice for businesses looking for both the openness that can keep operations agile and competitive, as well as the robustness and scalability that will keep their network secure.

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3 “Must-Haves” for Securing the Social Web [Websense]

Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. LinkedIn. The web – and in particular, social networking – is changing the way we live and work at a breathtaking pace. In fact, the social web has emerged as a valuable business tool, with its rich applications, real-time interaction and user-generated content. But, in case you haven’t noticed, it also presents significant risks to business.

Consider these realities of today’s Internet:

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