Missed out on Adobe MAX? Here’s what you need to know

Adobe Max 2017

Creatives who want to keep up with what’s new and essential in their field go to Adobe MAX. Adobe wowed attendees in Las Vegas in October with their Creative Cloud suite, featuring improvements to flagship products and new cutting-edge tools. Built to address the main challenges facing creatives—collaboration and mobility—this next generation software allows users to capture, organize, search, and share seamlessly, from anywhere with a connection.

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4 Questions That Pinpoint if You Should Invest in Hybrid IT

Is Hybrid IT Worth the Cost

The decision about whether to invest in Hybrid IT is a big one. Large-scale changes to your data center come with the need for new protocols and education, a modernization period, and associated costs. To determine the best course of action for your business, you need a deep understanding of your current data center environment and its performance. Most crucially, you need to understand how well your data center is meeting your customers’ demands.

We recommend considering this question from these four perspectives:

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The #1 Data Center Optimization Pitfall (and How to Avoid It)

Avoid these common data center pitfalls

Congratulations! Successfully planning and transitioning to a modernized data center is a significant achievement. It will help you meet your business goals and serve your customers better. As you move into the optimization phase, it’s more important than ever to protect the integrity of your infrastructure. Being mindful of the number one pitfall and following strategies to avoid it, will help you keep your new system agile, effective, and secure.
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