Tape Drive to Disk: A Better Way for Better Business [EMC]

The best data in the world isn’t much use if it’s hard to access or difficult to recover. And if you are spending a lot of time managing data resources, then it’s hard to deliver the innovation, agility and flexibility organizations require to thrive today.

Did you know that the first tape drive was created in 1951 for Remington Rand? Flash forward 61 years and here we are today with many of us still using various offsprings of that original tape drive to store our irreplaceable corporate data assets.

The difference, of course, is that the volume of data is staggering today, unimaginable to the creators of those original tapes drives and pretty hard to believe for us as well. It is predicted that in this decade, growth of data will be 44x what it is today.

Breaking down the infrastructure silos for a stronger backup strategy

Tape has served you well for years. It’s simple, reliable and relatively cheap. It is, however, an underlying barrier to achieving a fully unified infrastructure focused on unique service catalogue requirements. As server, storage and networking collapse into a single point of delivery; your backup windows become even more difficult to manage due to interdependencies created by the new virtualized environment. So, now it’s time to break down the barriers, starting by segmenting your infrastructure by business demands for recoverability and not by technical silos. [Read more…]