QuickGuide: How End-User Adoption Makes or Breaks your UC Project [Cisco]

QuickGuide: How end-user adoption makes or breaks your UC project [Cisco]

Companies who jump into implementing a collaboration solution get so bogged down with project specs, purchasing and implementation concerns that they forget the most important factor: end-user adoption.

Hans Hwang, VP of Advanced Services at Cisco says “…the high cost of low adoption really kicks [in] when under-adoption stops collaboration-enabled strategic initiatives in their tracks.” Basically, when you invest in a large collaboration implementation and users are slow to adopt the new capabilities, that ROI meeting may turn into an awkward conversation. How do you ensure your users will adopt the new tools, taking your collaboration project from awkward ROI meeting to celebrating success?

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Networking Security Is More Important Than Ever For Medical Professionals [Cisco]

Networking Security Is More Important Than Ever For Medical Professionals

  • A single spreadsheet, containing the names and birthdays of your customers, accidentally published by a contractor. Cost: $20 million.
  • Unencrypted backup tapes with over 20 years of data, lifted from the back of a truck. Cost: $4.9 billion.
  • The hindsight of needing a better compliancy plan: absolutely worthless.

This is no MasterCard commercial. It’s just a few stand-out lawsuits that have erupted in the last year against healthcare providers, where an alleged slip-up on handling sensitive data may have led to devastating fines.

Note: I’m hosting a webinar discussing modern IT security needs December 12th – to learn more check it out!

Continue reading to see how healthcare is adopting new compliancy solutions.

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To Microsoft or Cisco? That is the (UC) question

At the risk of oversimplifying, one of the biggest points of contention when it comes to deploying or expanding a unified communications (UC) solution comes down to a question of direction: Which way should you go: Microsoft or Cisco – or both?

At Softchoice, we believe you can’t make technology decisions without a solid understanding of where you are today and where you want to go. Whether you do this yourself, or leverage our expertise in this area, we believe the answer is using an assessment-led process to determine the ideal technological approach.

Specifically, selecting the right vendor for a unified collaboration platform involves a navigating a confusing path of what you already have implemented, how much of it you have rolled out, what you have rights to (from a Microsoft standpoint) and a host of other non-quantitative considerations, such as brand relationships, existing skill sets in your organization and end-user preference.

Whether an organization is currently set up as a Microsoft or a Cisco shop, or has a mix of both, each will have its own needs and each will be required to take a deep look to determine the best path forward.

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