IBM Study Reveals How Top Executives Use Big Data

If you’re a company establishing a data strategy, it’s not enough to say “let’s use analytics” or “let’s incorporate AI.” There are countless applications for big data and analytics, both good and bad. And there’s a nearly infinite number of ways you can incorporate them into your organization. The biggest hurdle is knowing where to start. [Read more…]

Cognitive Analytics: Powerful, but Perilous

Cognitive Perilous

Last time in Three Powerful Insights from IBM Think 2018, we talked about some exciting insights from IBM Think 2018. And we found that a lot of takeaways from the conference lead in one direction: towards the promise of taking advantage of the new data explosion. The amount of data that companies can wield is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and it’s one of the most precious resources that a smart company has. [Read more…]

Three Powerful Insights from IBM Think 2018

Three Powerful Insights from IBM Think 2018

IBM Think 2018 took place from March 19-22 this year and was a massive success. It was also just massive in general. Presenters covered everything from high-level philosophical musings about the future of intelligence to the technical nitty-gritty of enterprise modernization. Grave security threats were analyzed, and there was also a cute dancing robot. In short, it was a convergence of ideas and perspectives that indicated where IBM is headed, and therefore where tech is headed. [Read more…]