How the Employee Choice model for mobile devices can be easily managed with the right partners [Apple]

The traditional model of “one computer fits all” within an organization is shifting. Even the effort of selecting a desktop or laptop standard per user role or department does not offer the flexibility that today’s tech-savvy worker is demanding from their employer. Started with mobile devices (smartphones and tabl… ok, let’s be honest: iPads) the phenomenon has trickled into the core client computing systems, manly laptops.

What’s the incentive for businesses to encourage this behaviour? Organizations that have adopted this model find more happy and productive workers when you allow them to choose the platform they want to work on. It’s also a strong recruitment tool to get the best and brightest talent onboard. The era of “This is your beige box, this is your black phone” from one company is being challenged with “Would you prefer a Mac or Windows computer? iPhone or Blackberry?” by their competition. And today’s Datacenter infrastructure definitely has the guts to run run virtual desktops and applications in these scenarios – just ask our own Jonathan White.

However beneficial this policy may be to recruit and retain talent, IT Managers and CIOs are frustrated with the lack of security on a “rogue” device entering their infrastructure. Counting on a personal computer’s uptime when the manufacturer is not the company’s standard can also be a pain; [Read more…]

The secret sauce in managing iPads and iPhones [Apple]

Mobile devices are making their way into the enterprise at an alarming rate which is not slowing down any time soon. The adoption is happening one of two ways:

Enterprise-lead adoption: A controlled roll out by the IT staff

User-lead adoption: Tech-savvy employees bringing in their own devices and connecting to the company network for email and access to other sensitive data.

The challenge for the IT department in either scenario is the same [Read more…]

Want an iPad? Need security? You can have it all with the new iOS. [Apple]

For many decades in the world of personal computing, there’s been  that slice of the user population that has constantly had to defend it’s weapon of choice. Such is the plight of the Mac and the Mac User. Fear, uncertainty, doubt – all familiar foes in the discussion of PC vs. Mac, all laid to rest the moment anyone takes the time to understand the Apple computer and the Mac OS. 

Despite it’s enormous success as one of the most sought-after technology on the planet, the iPad is also faced with the demons of misinformation, particularly in the Enterprise. The number one myth surrounding the use of the iPad and other iOS devices in business is the perceived “lack of security”. [Read more…]