Productivity makes the case to get current and upgrade to AutoCAD 2012 [Autodesk]

You know that you could do your job that much better with a new version of AutoCAD 2012. But how well are you communicating that to the person holding the purse strings? If you are like many of us you find ways to get creative with what you have because the value just isn’t clear to the person making the decision. Kind of like Bill as seen below.

We’ve created a business case that will put the words in your mouth to articulate the benefits of having a new version of AutoCAD 2012.

One of the main reasons for upgrading is productivity. Ask yourself this:

  • How quickly and easily can you complete projects?
  • Are there manual processes that take a lot of time?
  • Could you benefit from using some of the newer timesaving technologies available in the latest software, such as reusing existing PDF-based design data? [Read more…]

Landmark Adobe Enterprise Agreement (EA) means signficant savings [Adobe]

There are benefits to signing agreements. The organizations saving money on Microsoft with an enterprise agreement know this. As well, they know it frees them from administrative hassle with a true-up where new licenses are paid once a year.

Adobe is offering a similar program called the Enterprise Agreement (EA) 2, for Acrobat and Creative Suite software. The agreement will offer the most substantial discounts of any Adobe licensing program, and provides locked-in pricing for a three year term.

Here are three ways that it’ll make purchasing easier: [Read more…]

Take design – and productivity – further with AutoCAD 2012 [Autodesk]

When it comes to upgrading software, a lot of IT budgets are still in limbo. But there’s at least one exception worth making if your organization is in the business of building, civil engineering, manufacturing or plant design – and looking for major productivity gains.

Autodesk’s newest CAD software program AutoCAD® 2012 – one of the world’s leading 2D and 3D design tools – offers powerful, flexible and improved features and tools for conceptual design, model documentation and reality capture that can help your engineers and designers design and shape the world around them and maximize [Read more…]