Cut revenue cycles by 500 per cent with eSignature technology [Adobe]


Getting a contract signed manually is expensive, inefficient and lengthens revenue cycles — resulting in thousands or even millions of dollars in lost revenue. Other pain points include waiting on payments, filing and storage issues, and lack of line of sight between sales and operations.

Faxing has become an archaic practice (and is usually inefficient, resulting in multiple faxes of the same document). Being able to sign and email contracts is more user-friendly and provides electronic line of sight into business processes — increasingly important to a mobile workforce.

eSignature technology helps to address these pain points — it’s easy for end-users to adopt, doesn’t require IT resources to get it installed onto devices, is secure and can demonstrate a return-on-investment for the organization.

So what exactly is eSignature? [Read more…]

Three key reasons why PlayBook 2.0 makes good business sense [RIM]


Our post on the Playbook last year  brought some thought-provoking responses from our readers. There were definitely a few things missing from the original Playbook, and with the recent launch of Playbook 2.0, RIM has introduced a number of innovations that end-users have been asking for – and should make IT managers happy.

1. Email and Social Media Integration
A new interface integrates email and social media — like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn — into one feed view. Social networking is tightly woven into the fabric of PlayBook, as is extensive push email support. What that means is a salesperson preparing for a meeting could look up that contact and easily access all the relevant information like LinkedIn and Twitter status updates, meeting notes and email history.

2. Better Browsing
The PlayBook’s browser, according to several industry reviews, is one of the fastest browsers out there. It works with Flash and HTML5, and includes a native Reading Mode feature that strips down ads and excess formatting on pages.

3. Remote control capabilities [Read more…]

Avoid damaging data loss with full disk encryption [Symantec]

Today data is everywhere — whether you’re carrying it on a laptop in your briefcase or on a USB stick in your coat pocket. And it’s being accessed and used by employees, customers and partners, in the office and on the go.

At the same time, endpoints are more vulnerable than ever before, with a constantly changing threat landscape that extends beyond viruses. The number of ways we can store and share information means all the devices that make our lives easier also become critical points of failure for an organization.

With increasingly mobile workforces, it’s important for a security solution to protect data outside of the office. That solution should address a diversity of devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets to USB sticks — as well as the various applications running on those devices.

Oftentimes, however, there’s a disconnect between what organizations need to protect against data loss and what they think they need to protect. [Read more…]