3PAR vs. EVA: Which Storage Solution Offers More Value? [HP]

3PAR vs. EVA: Which Storage Solution Offers More Value?

When HP completed the acquisition of 3PAR in September, 2010 for $2.35 billion, it was unclear what HP would do with 3PAR’s product line. HP already had a competing product in their EVA!

3PAR was the first to bring storage virtualization to the market and were a leader in thin provisioning. Many speculated that HP would have to end their EVA product line as both EVA and 3PAR were mid-to-high range products with overlapping features.

Instead of ending the HP EVA product line or ending 3PAR’s products (and just taking their intellectual property), HP continues to support and sell both 3PAR and EVA product lines to mid and high range enterprise customers.

Confused? Enterprises are still trying to figure out how these two similar products compare, and how to decide which solution will drive the best outcomes. Let’s quickly compare 3 points: terminology, architecture, capabilities and I’ll give you my recommendations.

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Justifying vCloud Suite: What You Need To Know [VMware]

Justifying vCloud Suite

If you run a data center, then you have likely heard of or used VMware’s data center virtualization products like ESX Server or vSphere. At VMworld 2012, VMware changed their flagship vSphere product with new features and the announcement of the vCloud Suite

Available since September 2012, the vCloud Suite isn’t a totally new product, nor does it replace vSphere. But it does support VMware’s vision for a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). How? In this post we dig into the components of vCloud suite and how it works to bring the SDDC vision to life.

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ESX Server Reaching End Of Life In 8 Months: Get The FAQs From vExpert David Davis [VMware]

ESX Server Reaching End of Life in 8 Months

In July of 2012, VMware announced there would be no new versions of the ESX Server hypervisor, and (starting with ESXi 5) they will only be releasing a newer, thinner and more secure hypervisor: the ESXi Server.

How does this impact you?

We asked Director of Infrastructure at TrainSignal and certified virtualization expert David Davis for his recommendations. David Davis (CCIE #9369, VCP, CISSP, MCSE) has been in the IT industry for 15+ years. He has authored over 300 articles, 6 video training courses, and co-authored one book.

Emily Davidson (ED): Where do I start?

David Davis (DD): With the end of availability date quickly approaching for VMware ESX Server, customers who are using these products need to make plans for the future. Before you get to that planning, let’s first clarify which VMware products we are talking about by offering a quick comparison between ESX and ESXi.

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