Rugged devices save money and help field workers reach their true potential [Free Guide!]

Dell Rugged devices save money and help field workers reach their full potential

A device failure in a mission-critical situation will deal a large blow to your team’s progress. It will compromise their safety in hazardous environments. It will also impact team morale and efficiency. In this article, we explain why you cannot afford to equip your mobile teams with common laptops and tablets.

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Oracle Licensing & Audits – Getting Through The Ugly to Get to the Good

In blaring red font – a $1 million dollar invoice from Oracle. Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation yourself, or maybe you have a little anxiety knowing you’re not as up to date on managing your Oracle licensing agreement as you’d like to be. You’re not alone. We’ve had a few customers in this situation.

In the world of IT, auditing activity is expected to increase year over year. To provide some advice on better managing your Oracle licensing, we reached out to Eric Guyer, Managing Partner at Rational IT Consulting and former Oracle Architect. Eric is a consultant who works closely with Softchoice on our Oracle TechCheck Assessments. Here are the key take-aways from of our interview:

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