VMware Introduces vSphere with Operations Management [VMware]


At VMware Partner Exchange in Vegas in February, VMware announced VMware vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM). The offering continues with a trend that we expect will continue with VMware – providing more of it’s licensing via bundles (like vCloud or the vSphere Acceleration Kits, which all now include vCenter Operations Manager). Although customers will still be able to purchase vSphere and vCenter Operations Manager separately, the bundle provides value in the way it’s licensed. Previously, Operations Manager was licensed via number of virtual machines (in bundles of 25). With the new vSOM offering, customers can license per host – allowing them to realize savings by consolidating more than 25 virtual machines on one physical host. It should also help make it less complicated to manage licensing.

Why has VMware made this change in their offering?

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AutoCAD 2013: What IT & Procurement Needs to Know (Part 2) [AutoDesk]

In my first post, I focused on the impact of the new cloud-enabled features in Autodesk 2013. In this second post, I’m going to take a closer look at their subscription offering, and why (if you’re not already) you need to consider it.

Why Subscriptions make sense for Enterprise Software

Subscription makes sense if you upgrade frequently, want to better leverage online support or need more flexibility with rights – like the ability to use previous and current versions, install the software on home and work machines or use the license at multiple locations. Beyond that – and the reason I believe it’s more compelling now – are two big factors.

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AutoCAD 2013: What IT & Procurement Needs to Know (Part 1) [AutoDesk]

There’s a lot of ground to cover with the AutoCAD 2013 release. In total, there are seventeen new features over the 2012 edition. There are two aspects of this release that I believe are most relevant to IT departments and procurement teams. In this first post, I talk about the Cloud, and how it’s going to change how you work.

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