Why we love vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM)

Why we love VMware  vSphere with vSOM

So you’ve recently requested a quote for some vSphere licenses, or are looking to upgrade existing vSphere licenses to a higher-end edition. Alongside the vSphere quote you requested, we have also provided a second option for vSphere with Operations Management, vSOM. In this post, we explain why we think we’d be doing our clients a disservice if we didn’t include vSOM.

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6 new features in VMware vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery

VMware vCloud Air for Disaster Recovery

On April 15, 2014, VMware announced vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery is an excellent solution that allows organizations of all sizes to recover from a disaster, power outage or loss of connectivity and continue to operate. I wrote a blog on this last year which covers the core service offering for vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery.
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5 tips to get the most out of vSOM (and licensing too)

Vmware vSOM Practical Tips and Licensing

In February 2013, VMware released vSphere with Operations Management or vSOM. Since vSOM is turning two very soon, we want to offer four practical tips for getting the most out of vSOM and a quick licensing breakdown.

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