Our top 6 favourite BlackBerry Playbook apps for business [RIM]

With the Pretenders’ hit Brass in Pocket getting a new lease on life from the BlackBerry Playbook TV spot’s ubiquitous on-air rotation, it got us thinking about the top brass in Playbook apps, particularly apps for business.

So here are our top 6 must-have apps for the must-have tablet of the year:

Adobe LiveCycle® Mobile ES2:Need to approve a travel expense or a contract while you’re on the road and can’t or don’t want to unpack your laptop? Just pull out your portable PlayBook and get the job done. In fact, no matter the task, you can interact with content, application and customers wherever you choose. One of the first Adobe apps available for PlayBook, LiveCycle Mobile ES2 helps increase productivity, improve brand equity, lower costs and improve customer-facing engagement. A must have. [Read more…]

Playbook vs. iPad in the Enterprise [RIM, Apple]

 The debate rages on as to which is the better tablet.  There are a lot of things to consider, but when it comes to the best device for business there are three key considerations:

Security:  RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server, the backbone of their mobility platform makes the Playbook secure and easy to manage , especially for organizations standardized on a Blackberry. But that doesn’t mean the iPad isn’t secure. The iPad’s hardy operating system has a built in barrier against malware and can be easily be remotely wiped using a mobile device management tool from McAfee or Symantec. [Read more…]

6 reasons BlackBerry’s PlayBook is a game-changer for the enterprise [RIM]

There’s no shortage out there of tablets to choose from, that’s for sure. But one that deserves a serious look from a business or IT admin point of view – particularly if your organization is standardized on BlackBerry – is the all new PlayBook.

Here are 6 things organizations will like about the Playbook:

Security: For starters, and of major concern from an IT perspective, the PlayBook works seamlessly with BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) in the event it’s lost or stolen. That means you can easily and quickly wipe data from the device remotely.

[Read more…]