Time Is Tight And Risks Are High – Which Is Why Endpoint Management Is So Critical [Tivoli]

With expansion happening faster than IT budgets are able to keep pace, the buzzword on everyone’s lips is “efficiency”. As an IT manager, your time and resources are in short supply. The BYOD revolution is creating huge challenges to your security strategy, your licensing considerations, and your server infrastructure. You need to know where the endpoints are and what vulnerabilities exist so when risks or gaps do occur, you can address them simply and efficiently.

Simply put, you need to know that your environment is secure and well managed.

With IBM’s Tivoli Endpoint Manager, three key issues are addressed:

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Preventing a Data and Business Disaster When Catastrophe Strikes [Novell]

In this Softchoice exclusive blog post, Softchoice’s Novell/NetIQ Vendor Sales Specialist Judson Samet speaks with NetIQ Partner Executive Jeffrey Confarotta about the havoc that Mother Nature can cause on IT environments, companies and their critical data resources and how companies can protect their IT investment and get back to business quickly. Read the full interview to find out more about why Tape Backup is an unreliable and slow-recovery solution that could cost you your data and possibly your entire business when natural disaster strikes.

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Softchoice’s SQL 2012 Licensing Guide Now Available! [Microsoft]


As posted in our Navigator Blog, Softchoice surveyed our broad base of Microsoft customers last month to find out more about their interest and readiness to begin a migration to SQL 2012. As a thank you for their participation, we offered them an advance peek at our Softchoice exclusive SQL 2012 Licensing Field Guide. Now available for wide release, we’re posting the Field Guide as a free download to all of our Softchoice followers.

Our ebook includes insight on:

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