4 Steps to Choosing the Right Devices for CYOD

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Devices for CYOD

When we started planning our CYOD pilot, we faced two critical success factors right out of the gate. We needed to ensure participants could pick a device that would excite and inspire them, AND leverage our IT department’s expertise in providing technology that will perform admirably (and reliably) within our environment.

What Softchoice chose for CYOD

“We chose HP, Lenovo and Dell for our CYOD pilot — offering a subset of three to five devices per vendor,” said Ron Haslett, Senior Manager of eCommerce at Softchoice and a participant in the CYOD pilot program. “These vendors have a wide range of offerings with Windows 8, as well as global availability and warranty structures.”

Choosing the right line-up of devices for our CYOD pilot required some input from our own internal experts. Here are 4 considerations we would recommend you have in mind when building out the list of devices included in a CYOD program.

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