The Impact of Repetitive Strain Injuries In the Workplace

Healthy Computing and Ergonomics

Many organizations with labor-intensive jobs have strict health and safety regulations in place. For good reason. Safety rules protect employees and reduce costs and risks of workplace accidents.

However, health risks aren’t just associated with labor-intensive jobs. Injuries associated with long-term computer usage are on the rise. These injuries are referred to as Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). [Read more…]

Enable a Mobile Workforce With The Dell Latitude 7380

Dell Latitude 7380

I recently quit my job. It was a Director role, where I singlehandedly brought in one of the largest sales my department had seen in years. Plus, I was making great money for my age.

I loved the team I managed and was gaining the respect from the agency’s 200+ clients. I experienced both personal and career growth. But believe it or not, one of the aspects of my role that I hated, and contributed to my decision to leave, was the inability to work outside of the office. It wasn’t a mobile friendly environment.
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Give Life to Your Old Printer and Change a Life

Give Life to Your Old Printer and Change a Life

Every day our Softchoice Account Managers work with our vendor partners to provide clients with the best prices and products. Because of the wide variety of cost-saving programs available, I discuss these programs with experts frequently to connect the right clients with the right programs.

Recently, I chatted with Robert Volkman, one of our Print Specialists, about HP’s new upgrade savings program. According to Robert, this is one program clients should pay attention to. Here’s what we discussed.

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