About this blog

Softchoice works with over 5,000 software and hardware manufacturers in the IT industry, and we have a close working partnership with nearly every leading player.  One of the benefits of this is that we get IT news straight from the source.

Whether it is a new product release, ground-breaking development, or an alert about a critical product issue, we use the Softchoice Advisor blog to give our customers our perspectives on vendor-focused IT products and solutions.

You can use the Advisor blog to get the latest IT product news from a trusted source, without having to go through a complicated sales process.

This blog compliments the Softchoice Advisor magazine that we publish each quarter, and is shared with thousands of clients across North America. You can download the most recent edition here.

Please note: The majority of content in this blog is sponsored either directly or indirectly by our vendor partners, so there is potential for bias in the points of view expressed here. Many of the posts are written by Softchoice employees whose job is focused on promoting that particular vendor through our channels or by the vendors themselves. If you are interested in Softchoice’s views on IT from a vendor agnostic perspective, please visit our IT Grok blog, where the content and editorial voice is free from any vendor-funded sponsorship.