Getting secure in a mobile-first world with EMS


We live in a time where a generation of workers has never plugged in a cable to get on the Internet. And while this mobile-first world has been great for productivity, it’s led to greater risk and challenges for the security team.

Today, security is so much more than just a firewall. As we saw in our recent webinar, co-hosted with Microsoft to discuss their new Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite, breaches are resulting from weak end-user passwords or error, as well as a lax attitude toward SaaS and third party “Shadow IT.” Add to that infrastructure complexity brought on by cloud and hybrid environments and everything you knew about security is changing.

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8 reasons to care about Azure Resource Manager

8 reasons to care about Azure Resource Manager

In the beginning, when Azure was new and most organizations were just dipping their toes tentatively into the water, it was usual to deploy a single VM here or a blob storage there. There wasn’t a whole lot to manage as there wasn’t a whole lot up there for most. However, now that many have jumped in and found the water to be just fine, larger and more complex solutions are being deployed necessitating a need for a tool to help manage the resources that make up those solutions.

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Cloud security is a shared responsibility: Azure tools and webinar

Cloud security

Even if cloud providers take most of the hard work off your plate, you shouldn’t take lightly your own responsibilities – what Amazon or Microsoft aren’t going to do for you.

One of the most important of these responsibilities is – security – or at least some aspects of it. When you are leveraging the cloud as a platform for business applications, security duties are split between you and the provider.

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Right-size your Azure for best financial returns

Azure consumption management

What do Azure and cell phone bills have in common? As it turns out, a lot.

As unfortunate as it is, it’s pretty common to go over your mobile phone voice and data limits. What do most of us do? We pay the bill – regardless of the overcharges. Some of us change to a more appropriate plan or start monitoring data consumption to avoid hefty surcharges.

These are common sense strategies for battling out-of-control phone bills — right-sizing your plan and gaining insight and control.

These are also exactly the strategies needed for proper Azure financial management.

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9 Tools to Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

9 Tools To Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

I spend the majority of my time talking to customers about how they can leverage public cloud for their infrastructure and application requirements. When I ask them why they are considering the move, more often than not, moving ‘faster’ is cited as the biggest motivator.

Being ‘faster’ is great, and you can realize big improvements in speed and agility very early in your cloud journey, particularly when creating new compute and storage resources. It becomes more challenging, however, as your solution grows and becomes more mature. [Read more…]

Optimize DevOps with these key Azure concepts

Optimize DevOps with these key Azure concepts

We just wrapped up another webinar with Softchoice’s Azure experts, this time speaking about the future of application deployments and infrastructure provisioning on the cloud.

And while the entire discussion is worth watching (again or for the first time), we wanted to boil down the biggest takeaways from the event.

Why should you care? If you’re like thousands of other businesses moving workloads to the cloud, you know migration is just the first step. Once you are in the cloud, what can you do to optimize, speed up and make your workflows and app management more efficient? There is tons of opportunity on the table, and plenty of risk if done incorrectly.

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