Microsoft Audit – Top tips how to navigate this process smoothly

microsoft-audit-top-tips-how-to-navigate-this-process-smoothlyWhenever the word “Audit” comes up, Microsoft customers and partners almost immediately start to worry. Microsoft audits can be a major pain and they are happening more often than ever. In one recent survey, “58% of executives said they have been audited by Microsoft in the last 12 months, whereas five years ago, these types of audits were rare and only encountered under specific situations.

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Exploring the benefits of SAM: Microsoft case study

Case studyAs a full-time Software Asset Management (SAM) “guru” at Softchoice, I wanted to share an excellent case study from Microsoft to illustrate the benefits of involving SAM professionals in your IT Asset Management practice.

Univision, a 4,500-seat multimedia broadcasting corporation based in New York, was struggling with the reconciliation of their installed Microsoft software products against their licensed entitlements, introducing liability and compliance risks – potentially very costly gaps in understanding.

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