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A roadmap every CIO needs when launching Office 365

Picture this: It’s your tenth birthday, and you’ve just unwrapped the gift you had begged for all year. A brand new Lego set of your favorite NASA space shuttle. You tear open the box, spread the blocks around the carpet, ready to build, and then you notice it… The instructions are missing. The example above might seem like a trivial childhood drama – but IT leaders embarking on an Office 365 … [Read More...]

From Good to Great – Importance of Training and Coaching: What can IT learn from a Major League Baseball team.

All Star Pro Elite Series mitts - Check, Latest carbon fiber bat – Check, Baden Official Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken League Baseball – Check, A dozen friends – Check Ready to play ball! Or are we? … [Read More...]

Combine Office 365 managed services and licensing into one single bill

Dealing directly with Microsoft support for Office 365 licensing, while bringing in a third party to separately manage and implement your environment has been a struggle all too familiar with … [Read More...]

The benefits of moving to Windows 8.1 Pro for Business today

According to Forrester Research, 80 percent of workers do at least some work outside the office. This is confirmed by a study from AMI Partners, which found that 55% of small and mid-sized businesses … [Read More...]

Straddle your mobile workforce with Office 365 and EMS

In a world where more than half of information workers use three or more devices to get work done, creating a mobile workforce sounds almost redundant these days. Mobility isn’t an add on – it’s … [Read More...]

If you can’t measure Office 365 ROI, is it worth it?

Think of it like a “tree falling in the forest” type riddle. If you’ve implemented a new technology, and there’s no way to measure its usage – is anyone actually using it? The answer is, of course, … [Read More...]