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Say hello to Azure’s arsenal of backup and disaster recovery solutions

Originally published in November 2015. Updated: May 18, 2016. New on-demand Webinar We used to just worry about the unlikely natural disaster and the odd communications breakdown when planning for backup and recovery. But these days, an entirely new breed of threats have emerged that promise to knock out your business applications and data the […]

MPSA: Microsoft’s new licensing vehicle (and what it means for you)

Updated: May 6, 2016 (Originally published Sep 2014) Many organizations have been taking advantage of the Select Plus Agreement over the past few years for ad-hoc purchases that don't require a … [Read More...]

Microsoft’s SQL on Linux announcement is a sign of changing times

Microsoft’s SQL on Linux - an inevitable transformation? The recent announcement that Microsoft is extending SQL Server to run on Linux is great news for businesses, Microsoft and the industry in g … [Read More...]

Right-size your Azure for best financial returns

What do Azure bills and cell phone bills have in common? A lot, it turns out. As unfortunate as it is, it's pretty common to go over your mobile phone voice and data limits. What do most of us do? We … [Read More...]

Important Notice about Certificate Expiration for Exchange 2013 Hybrid Customers

  If you’re running Exchange 2013 and you’ve configured a hybrid deployment with Office 365, this post contains important information that might impact you. Please evaluate this information and take a … [Read More...]

Microsoft increases seat minimums for corporate Enterprise Agreement

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that starting July 1st, 2016 any new corporate Enterprise Agreement (including Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions) will require a 500 user/device minimum. … [Read More...]