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What you need to know about Windows Server 2016 licensing

First off, let’s all take a moment to remember the licensing model of Windows Server 2012 R2. It was universally loved by the Microsoft community due to its clarity and simplicity. Microsoft offered two editions, Standard and Datacenter with the exact same functionality. Both covered two physical processors with the only difference being that Standard […]

Avoid Office 365 gotchas with these key considerations

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How Microsoft OMS simplifies IT’s chaotic times

As the world of IT is transforming at an unprecedented rate, enterprise technology leaders want to find a simpler way to manage everything. And they don’t want that solution to be limited to a single o … [Read More...]

Security and legal concerns with Office 365

Security concerns about the public cloud are on the decline - but they continue to slow down adoption. In fact, in a recent survey of hundreds of IT decision makers, security was the leading reason … [Read More...]

8 reasons to care about Azure Resource Manager

In the beginning, when Azure was new and most organizations were just dipping their toes tentatively into the water, it was usual to deploy a single VM here or a blob storage there. There wasn't a … [Read More...]

Cloud security is a shared responsibility: Azure tools and webinar

Even if cloud providers take most of the hard work off your plate, you shouldn't take lightly your own responsibilities – what Amazon or Microsoft aren’t going to do for you. One of the most imp … [Read More...]