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Microsoft Office for iPad has arrived. Now what?

Four years since the release of the first iPad, and after months of speculation, Microsoft finally announced the release of Office 365 for iPad. Until now, many organizations have been wondering how to use Office features on the iPad, and more importantly how to add the licenses to your current or future agreement. And that's what this post covers. … [Read More...]

What is the Microsoft Cloud Platform Suite

What is the Cloud Platform Suite?

The Cloud Platform Suite is a bundled SKU of Windows and Systems Center, which was introduced January 2014. It may seem very similar to the Core Infrastructure Suite but I would like to outline a few … [Read More...]


What happens when you press the XP Panic Button

April 8th 2014 marks the official end of Microsoft's support for Windows XP. Which means if you haven't taken the steps to migrate off this dying OS yet, well....you're panicking (and we don't blame … [Read More...]

Stop Paying for Ex-Employee’s Email, Office 365’s Retention Rules

Stop Paying for Ex-Employees’ Email. Office 365’s Retention Rules!

I’ve never spoken with anyone that enjoys managing their E-mail environment. Storage, time, and sanity are all things that IT would like to get back and moving to Exchange Online with O365 can help do … [Read More...]

One page to rule them all: Everything you need to know about Windows 8 Touch Devices

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 8 Touch Devices

IT departments have enough on their minds with the end of Windows XP, getting a hold of the number of SaaS applications within their environment, introducing their organization to a BYOD or … [Read More...]


How to Make the Most of the SPLA Price Increase

Hosting companies should now be aware of the double-digit price increase that will be hitting SPLA in 2014. PRODUCT NAME Estimated % price increase Windows Server Windows Server … [Read More...]