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Microsoft increases seat minimums for corporate Enterprise Agreement

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that starting July 1st, 2016 any new corporate Enterprise Agreement (including Enterprise Agreement Subscriptions) will require a 500 user/device minimum. Before we get into the specifics, let’s all take a deep breath. While at face value this may seem like a major change from Microsoft, in reality, the impact on existing […]

The complete guide to using Windows 10 in Education

This holiday season, teachers and IT professionals will be enjoying some much needed time off. But, we know your 2016 planning doesn't stop, not even over the holidays. So we've prepared some extra … [Read More...]

Say hello to Azure’s arsenal of backup and disaster recovery solutions

We used to just worry about the unlikely natural disaster and the odd communications breakdown when planning for backup and recovery. But these days, an entirely new breed of threats have emerged that … [Read More...]

Microsoft’s New 2016 SPLA Price Increase & Year-End Action Plan

The end of 2015 is fast approaching. The weather is cooling, and it’s time for our friends in Redmond, WA to make changes to SPLA pricing and the way they manage partners. To help our SPLA partners … [Read More...]

Did Microsoft just enter the telephony game? Plus, everything else you need to know about Office 365 E5

Enterprises now have access to the new Office 365 E5 Suite, Microsoft’s most comprehensive set of productivity, collaboration, analytics, security and compliance capabilities, of any Office 365 plan e … [Read More...]

Everything you need to know about SQL Server 2016

Microsoft SQL 2005 is going EOL on April 12, 2016, and the all-new SQL Server 2016 stands to bring the biggest, most exciting changes to SQL since its inception. Our Microsoft team recently hosted a … [Read More...]