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Clearing Up Cloud Security

When it comes to cloud security, the same challenges apply. Planning for security is different in the cloud. 65% of enterprise businesses report a skills gap when it comes to cloud security. Governance questions arise about who will procure cloud technologies and who will have access rights to cloud resources.

3 Secrets to Getting the Most Business Value from Office 365

We just did an entire webinar on how to get the most value out of Office 365 -- and we did it all without mentioning a single feature. Not one. How on Earth is that possible? For the same reasons … [Read More...]

SQL to Azure: The Path to Data Modernization

You plan to modernize your data strategy, but aren’t sure how to proceed. You know moving your SQL Server setup to the cloud will make your business more efficient and secure. What you don’t know is … [Read More...]

Avoiding the common Azure mistakes and missteps

It’s not a question of if your organization is going to migrate some of its workloads to the cloud, or even when. The real questions are: what are you moving, how can you make the most of it, and how c … [Read More...]

Right Sizing Your Windows Server Environment

Did you know that Windows Server is one of the most mislicensed products under SPLA? This can lead to unnecessary audits and expenses that no one wants to deal with. We all know that Microsoft … [Read More...]

Getting secure in a mobile-first world with EMS

We live in a time where a generation of workers has never plugged in a cable to get on the Internet. And while this mobile-first world has been great for productivity, it’s led to greater risk and c … [Read More...]